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My name is Tony Beltramelli, I am the founder of UIzard Technologies, a startup company building AI-powered tools to revolutionize the way we build software-based solutions. I shared my graduate studies between the IT University of Copenhagen and ETH Zurich where I focused my thesis at the intersection between Machine Learning, Information Security, and Ubiquitous Computing.
I like to see Computer Science and Information Technology as a set of unprecedentedly powerful tools providing new possibilities to Science, Engineering, and Art enabling us to shape the future and improve the lives of millions of people.

This website showcases some personal projects and technological experiments I have been working on.


Some highlighted projects:


May 2017

Deep Lyrics

August 2016

Deep Spying

December 2015

Android Wear Permissions Bug

August 2015
More projects


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Feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate, do research, ask questions or if you want to say hello.

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